Not all Owls Fly, Some go on a road trip

Spring Break has become and integral part of the college experience.

It doesn’t matter if you do a service immersion trip through a Temple clubs such as Project Haiti or our other service organizations or you take a trip with your friends, its a experience that everyone should have. For my first 3 spring breaks I would do community service work through my church back home in Baltimore, but this year my friends convinced me to escape the cold and take a road trip down to Miami.


Which was good because I was in Philly feeling like


But in Miami, I was living the good life.


If you’re going to Road trip anywhere, do it with your best friends. It makes life way easier.


But two days later and 1, 300 miles later , we finally made it to Miami!


It was honestly one of the best trip that I have ever had. A just friends vacation, we got to bond explore and be warm for a week. If you ever get the chance to go Miami is absolutely beautiful! I would move here purely because of the weather.

I was spoiled by the good weather and I’m patiently waiting for spring.


But I got to post a lot of pictures which made my friends a little bitter.


But the best thing about traveling… all of the food.


No Seriously. FOOOOOOOD.


Also the views.




But first, let me get a doughnut

Hi guys!

So this weekend my friend and I had a craving for doughnut that Dunkin Doughnuts alone couldn’t handle. My friend told me of this great place that she heard of called Federal Doughnuts, that only sells doughnuts and fried chicken.

That’s right you heard me. ONLY sells doughnuts and fried chicken.

So I HAD to go. Obviously. For research, and doughnuts.


This place is so adorable, its located in University City right off of UPenns campus.

My friend was right they only sell doughnut and fried chicken


Okay well they also have coffee and water. But food wise all they have is doughnuts and fried chicken.

Now I’m not saying that I’m a doughnut connoisseur, but I can say in my 21 years, that is definitely one of the best doughnut I have ever had.


Look at that, that is a beautiful doughnut right there. I would like to say it the only one I had but they also sell a cinnamon brown sugar doughnut so i had to try that as well, for science.


The chicken was also crazy good, and we got there in time to because they only make a limited amount of chicken and doughnuts a day and a lot of times they do run out.

I thought that fried chicken and doughnuts is not something that would think would go together, but I was wrong soooo wrong.

Either way, I want another doughnut.

Because You Have to Sing “Wannabe” at a Karaoke Bar

I was made for doing Karaoke. All those years I spent pretending to be Whitney Houston, Hilary Duff or Kelly from Destiny’s Child have finally paid off.

Last weekend my friends and i went to a karaoke bar in center City to celebrate my friends Rachel’s Birthday. IMG_1941

This place was great! We had our own room so we could have our very own sing off. All of the old school jams were played including a very spirited rendition of the R. Kelly Classic “Ignition “Remix”! If you haven’t had the chance to do Karaoke I would definitely suggest it. My friends and I would have competitions to see who really knows the words to the songs and adding our own little twist to every single song.

Also THE FOOD!! The food was so good and it wasn’t expensive.


At this point I knew my night was going to be great.

I’m not going to post any videos of the singing but trust me, my friends and I pretty much looked like this singing


Okay more like


But it was such a great time, so grab your most ridiculous friends and find a karaoke place and then take as many videos as you possibly can to use to make fun of them later.

The Beginning of the End

Hi guys!

I know its been so long I shouldn’t have left you without a dope blog to step to (step to, step to, step to, step to). See what I did there, Aaliyah & Timberland reference haha. In case you didn’t get it don’t worry I’ll attach the video at the end.

But I’m back and its officially my final semester which has me feeling mixture of pretty much this


and this


I have also been feeling general nervousness about my future, finding a job, finding a place to live after college, what do I really want to do, and how am I going to get there. You know all that super fun growing up stuff. Part of me just wants it to be all over but then I’m reminded by something that my family tells me all the time. We’re always in such a rush to go off and experience the next thing, we want everything to be over; school, summer vacation, our childhood,college, our twenties that we don’t just stay still and enjoy the moment while we live it. Feris Buller said it best


So for the rest of the semester I am doing something new/ fun in the city or in the area so I can relax and enjoy my past few months here. So expect a lot of cool posts of my Philly adventures, I just went to do Karaoke, which is going to be its own super fun post.

But I have to do work now because even though its only the second week of school I’m at the tech


and since its basically Thursday here’s a throwback of my first-first day of school all the way back in 1997


Bye Guys!

Temple Students Stand Up

Hi guys!

So these past few weeks have been very busy for me again. With finals and classes wrapping up, club meetings, and frolicking around the city my life has been pretty packed. But a lot of has happened right here on Temple University’s campus.

After the non indictments in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner Temple University students stood up and protested and marched for the Black lives that have been lost to police brutality. Marches were organized by members Babel, Phi Rho chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta,  and The Progressive NAACP . Many people including myself joined the cause participating in Die-ins on campus and at 30th street station. Peaceful protesters called for answers and to end the grand jury process that many believe do not  effectively hold police officers accountable. This Tuesday members of Alpha Phi Alpha Michael Larmond and Mathos Sokolo and Delta Sigma Theta Member Inella Ray planned a Die in on Temples campus at the Liacouras walk, Paley Library and the Howard Gittis Student Center. Students laid on their backs covering their faces in silence for 4 minutes and 30 seconds to represent the four hours and thirty minutes that Michael Browns body laid on the street after he was shot and killed by former police officer Darren Wilson.

2 6

These two photos are of 2 of our Die in locations The first was taken on Liacourus Walk by Paula DeAndrade and the second was taken in Paley Library.


Temple Students march through campus chanting “Black Lives Matter”. photo credit Paula DeAndrade



photo credit Paula DeAndrade

Earlier this week my organization The Progressive NAACP organized a Blackout vigil to serve as a commemoration of the lives lost to police brutality. We gathered together with hundreds of our fellow students to to show our love and our support for each other and to honor all the lives men, women, transgender people of color who have died because of police brutality or vigilantes.

10860918_10152527417278616_319673434553480352_o 10655390_10152527417668616_3960834608165096192_o

Photo Credit Lydia Peterson






photo credit Lydia Peterson

Temple students continued the peaceful protest to the Art museum on Friday December 12th. Marching from Broad and Cecil B. Moore to the Art Museum to have a die in.

bs0826_-_photo_by_bas_slabbers_2014_all_rights_reserved_20141212_1425963897 bs0826_-_photo_by_bas_slabbers_2014_all_rights_reserved_20141212_2062770005

At Temple we do offer over 300 clubs and organizations for students to join. One of my favorite part about being in a student organization here is that our organization actually work to not only better the campus but also the community. Being able to be apart of these events and this movement is powerful, as a Temple University student being a part of the peaceful protests and seeing the solidity of the campus regardless of race is moving.

One of the best things about college is the chance to be able to participate and fight for things that are bigger than yourself. To see the world and the worlds issues from a larger scope than the one you are accustomed too. You are given the chance to learn and grow with people who are drastically different than you and through that you are introduced to a variety of new opinions. Which allows you to then grow in your own beliefs while you learn about others. I like to think of it as the secret education of college, where the learning goes beyond the classroom and beyond the books, where you learn simply by allowing yourself to present and talking to the people around you. What I have been able to be apart of and work toward with my fellow students have made me so proud to be a Temple University student.

May the great work begin.

Keep Calm, Thanksgiving and Finals are coming!

So I’m about a month away from finals


So I have temporarily moved back in to the tech center to prep for my upcoming tests, projects and essays.

BUT this also means that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away!! ( not that I’m counting down or anything). Like I have said in earlier bog posts, I LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s a huge holiday in my family and theres’s a lot of us because my extended family is huge. I have 9 Aunts and Uncles and over 60 first cousins, and 25 second cousins.

Though I am from Maryland the majority of my family lives the Philadelphia and Delaware area. So for Thanksgiving a bunch of us descend upon one house and its 48 hours of complete madness. There are games, music, football, and laughter all of the things that truly make Thanksgiving awesome. There is so much food that I can eat Thanksgiving for almost 2 weeks afterword. Also all the college students in my family get to pick thier left overs after the grandparents so I get all the good stuff!


This year we have a fall break, so instead of getting a long weekend for Thanksgiving we get the whole week. Which I must say makes me a very very very happy person. I personally have huge plans for my bed and my netflix, So I can marathon and binge to my hearts desire. I personally love going home. Its basically a mini vacation, I can just hang out with my friends who still live in town, watch tv, read and sleep for hours. It really is the best. Also the food you get food when you go home

But before I slip away into a food coma there’s a lot of stuff going on campus before the break. Our movie theater is showing Osmosis Jones, there is a major spoken word competition and of course our free food Friday event is going to be “All That” themed. So I definitely won’t be spending all of my time in tech!

Before I go heres a picture of the candy apples my friends and I made!

IMG_0718 IMG_0721IMG_0725 IMG_0731

Guys its Fall!!

Fall is actually my favorite season. Everything is so pretty, with the leaves changing colors and crisp leather jackets. The colors are just better in the fall. Orange is now called “pumpkin” things are “chestnut brown” and Burgundy. Also, the clothes are fun. I can finally break out all of my big Bill Cosby, Biggie, and 90s style sweaters. I can wear scarves, knit caps and boots! I even feel more collegiate in the fall. Whenever I picture college the season is either fall or spring. Studying for test in my big Cosby Sweater and  my chestnut brown boots just says college to me. Fall makes me want to cuddle up with a book and warm apple cider and maybe a slice of pie.  There’s a nice romantic warm feeling to fall before I start my love hate relationship with winter.

Me during Fall


Me during Winter


Even the activities in fall are cool, like in summer you can go to the beach, travel and swim. But in the fall you can go apple picking, carve pumpkins and take a lazy day trips to corn mazes! My friends and I recently went a conference in Lancaster r which is such a beautiful area during the fall if you feel like taking the trip to check out their corn mazes and hay rides. But even if you don’t really want to leave the city there’s a bunch of stuff you can do in the area to take in all of falls pretty sights.

You can head right to center city and hang out by the art museum and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It really pretty if you want to walk around and do some shopping. There also a lot of parks like Wissahickon Gorge, Franklin square and Schuylkill River Trail. Or if your brave you can go to Eastern State Penitentiary for Terror Behind the Walls.

I went to eastern state for the first time my freshman year. I thought my cousins and friends were over exaggerating saying it scary. I thought they were acting like babies. Then I went. I almost cried. In my defense it was my first haunted house. I have discovered that while scary movies don’t freak me out Haunted Houses do. Don’t worry at Terror Behind the Walls they don’t grab you (unless you sign up for that). But they do everything else. There are 6 or 8 different attractions that you can go through but I was in there for about an hour. The guards are creepy people are lurking in corners, people pop out at you and sneak up behind you. If your willing to spend the money and wait in line to go I would definitely say do it.

There’s also a lot of things happening on Campus during the fall. Organizations are selling Apple cider, there are a lot more events and programs. From movies and mini fall festivals. The programs are more geared to fall events, like there is a pumpkin decorating contest and one of my clubs the Progressive NAACP is working with Alpha Sigma Rho to do a program called “Cultures are not Costumes” to talk about cultural appropriation and non offensive ways to dress for Halloween.

But that is all for me right now, I’m off to make Caramel and candied apples with my friends!