Keep Calm, Thanksgiving and Finals are coming!

So I’m about a month away from finals


So I have temporarily moved back in to the tech center to prep for my upcoming tests, projects and essays.

BUT this also means that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away!! ( not that I’m counting down or anything). Like I have said in earlier bog posts, I LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s a huge holiday in my family and theres’s a lot of us because my extended family is huge. I have 9 Aunts and Uncles and over 60 first cousins, and 25 second cousins.

Though I am from Maryland the majority of my family lives the Philadelphia and Delaware area. So for Thanksgiving a bunch of us descend upon one house and its 48 hours of complete madness. There are games, music, football, and laughter all of the things that truly make Thanksgiving awesome. There is so much food that I can eat Thanksgiving for almost 2 weeks afterword. Also all the college students in my family get to pick thier left overs after the grandparents so I get all the good stuff!


This year we have a fall break, so instead of getting a long weekend for Thanksgiving we get the whole week. Which I must say makes me a very very very happy person. I personally have huge plans for my bed and my netflix, So I can marathon and binge to my hearts desire. I personally love going home. Its basically a mini vacation, I can just hang out with my friends who still live in town, watch tv, read and sleep for hours. It really is the best. Also the food you get food when you go home

But before I slip away into a food coma there’s a lot of stuff going on campus before the break. Our movie theater is showing Osmosis Jones, there is a major spoken word competition and of course our free food Friday event is going to be “All That” themed. So I definitely won’t be spending all of my time in tech!

Before I go heres a picture of the candy apples my friends and I made!

IMG_0718 IMG_0721IMG_0725 IMG_0731