Temple Students Stand Up

Hi guys!

So these past few weeks have been very busy for me again. With finals and classes wrapping up, club meetings, and frolicking around the city my life has been pretty packed. But a lot of has happened right here on Temple University’s campus.

After the non indictments in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner Temple University students stood up and protested and marched for the Black lives that have been lost to police brutality. Marches were organized by members Babel, Phi Rho chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta,  and The Progressive NAACP . Many people including myself joined the cause participating in Die-ins on campus and at 30th street station. Peaceful protesters called for answers and to end the grand jury process that many believe do not  effectively hold police officers accountable. This Tuesday members of Alpha Phi Alpha Michael Larmond and Mathos Sokolo and Delta Sigma Theta Member Inella Ray planned a Die in on Temples campus at the Liacouras walk, Paley Library and the Howard Gittis Student Center. Students laid on their backs covering their faces in silence for 4 minutes and 30 seconds to represent the four hours and thirty minutes that Michael Browns body laid on the street after he was shot and killed by former police officer Darren Wilson.

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These two photos are of 2 of our Die in locations The first was taken on Liacourus Walk by Paula DeAndrade and the second was taken in Paley Library.


Temple Students march through campus chanting “Black Lives Matter”. photo credit Paula DeAndrade



photo credit Paula DeAndrade

Earlier this week my organization The Progressive NAACP organized a Blackout vigil to serve as a commemoration of the lives lost to police brutality. We gathered together with hundreds of our fellow students to to show our love and our support for each other and to honor all the lives men, women, transgender people of color who have died because of police brutality or vigilantes.

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Photo Credit Lydia Peterson






photo credit Lydia Peterson

Temple students continued the peaceful protest to the Art museum on Friday December 12th. Marching from Broad and Cecil B. Moore to the Art Museum to have a die in.

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At Temple we do offer over 300 clubs and organizations for students to join. One of my favorite part about being in a student organization here is that our organization actually work to not only better the campus but also the community. Being able to be apart of these events and this movement is powerful, as a Temple University student being a part of the peaceful protests and seeing the solidity of the campus regardless of race is moving.

One of the best things about college is the chance to be able to participate and fight for things that are bigger than yourself. To see the world and the worlds issues from a larger scope than the one you are accustomed too. You are given the chance to learn and grow with people who are drastically different than you and through that you are introduced to a variety of new opinions. Which allows you to then grow in your own beliefs while you learn about others. I like to think of it as the secret education of college, where the learning goes beyond the classroom and beyond the books, where you learn simply by allowing yourself to present and talking to the people around you. What I have been able to be apart of and work toward with my fellow students have made me so proud to be a Temple University student.

May the great work begin.


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