Because You Have to Sing “Wannabe” at a Karaoke Bar

I was made for doing Karaoke. All those years I spent pretending to be Whitney Houston, Hilary Duff or Kelly from Destiny’s Child have finally paid off.

Last weekend my friends and i went to a karaoke bar in center City to celebrate my friends Rachel’s Birthday. IMG_1941

This place was great! We had our own room so we could have our very own sing off. All of the old school jams were played including a very spirited rendition of the R. Kelly Classic “Ignition “Remix”! If you haven’t had the chance to do Karaoke I would definitely suggest it. My friends and I would have competitions to see who really knows the words to the songs and adding our own little twist to every single song.

Also THE FOOD!! The food was so good and it wasn’t expensive.


At this point I knew my night was going to be great.

I’m not going to post any videos of the singing but trust me, my friends and I pretty much looked like this singing


Okay more like


But it was such a great time, so grab your most ridiculous friends and find a karaoke place and then take as many videos as you possibly can to use to make fun of them later.


The Beginning of the End

Hi guys!

I know its been so long I shouldn’t have left you without a dope blog to step to (step to, step to, step to, step to). See what I did there, Aaliyah & Timberland reference haha. In case you didn’t get it don’t worry I’ll attach the video at the end.

But I’m back and its officially my final semester which has me feeling mixture of pretty much this


and this


I have also been feeling general nervousness about my future, finding a job, finding a place to live after college, what do I really want to do, and how am I going to get there. You know all that super fun growing up stuff. Part of me just wants it to be all over but then I’m reminded by something that my family tells me all the time. We’re always in such a rush to go off and experience the next thing, we want everything to be over; school, summer vacation, our childhood,college, our twenties that we don’t just stay still and enjoy the moment while we live it. Feris Buller said it best


So for the rest of the semester I am doing something new/ fun in the city or in the area so I can relax and enjoy my past few months here. So expect a lot of cool posts of my Philly adventures, I just went to do Karaoke, which is going to be its own super fun post.

But I have to do work now because even though its only the second week of school I’m at the tech


and since its basically Thursday here’s a throwback of my first-first day of school all the way back in 1997


Bye Guys!