But first, let me get a doughnut

Hi guys!

So this weekend my friend and I had a craving for doughnut that Dunkin Doughnuts alone couldn’t handle. My friend told me of this great place that she heard of called Federal Doughnuts, that only sells doughnuts and fried chicken.

That’s right you heard me. ONLY sells doughnuts and fried chicken.

So I HAD to go. Obviously. For research, and doughnuts.


This place is so adorable, its located in University City right off of UPenns campus.

My friend was right they only sell doughnut and fried chicken


Okay well they also have coffee and water. But food wise all they have is doughnuts and fried chicken.

Now I’m not saying that I’m a doughnut connoisseur, but I can say in my 21 years, that is definitely one of the best doughnut I have ever had.


Look at that, that is a beautiful doughnut right there. I would like to say it the only one I had but they also sell a cinnamon brown sugar doughnut so i had to try that as well, for science.


The chicken was also crazy good, and we got there in time to because they only make a limited amount of chicken and doughnuts a day and a lot of times they do run out.

I thought that fried chicken and doughnuts is not something that would think would go together, but I was wrong soooo wrong.

Either way, I want another doughnut.