Not all Owls Fly, Some go on a road trip

Spring Break has become and integral part of the college experience.

It doesn’t matter if you do a service immersion trip through a Temple clubs such as Project Haiti or our other service organizations or you take a trip with your friends, its a experience that everyone should have. For my first 3 spring breaks I would do community service work through my church back home in Baltimore, but this year my friends convinced me to escape the cold and take a road trip down to Miami.


Which was good because I was in Philly feeling like


But in Miami, I was living the good life.


If you’re going to Road trip anywhere, do it with your best friends. It makes life way easier.


But two days later and 1, 300 miles later , we finally made it to Miami!


It was honestly one of the best trip that I have ever had. A just friends vacation, we got to bond explore and be warm for a week. If you ever get the chance to go Miami is absolutely beautiful! I would move here purely because of the weather.

I was spoiled by the good weather and I’m patiently waiting for spring.


But I got to post a lot of pictures which made my friends a little bitter.


But the best thing about traveling… all of the food.


No Seriously. FOOOOOOOD.


Also the views.




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