Homecoming and other things

Hey everybody!

So I just finished by last Homecoming here as a student.


But my at least my last homecoming had a great artist LUDACRIS!!!


Now you guys have  just met me but my friends know that I’m a Ludacris fan from way back. I’ve been a fan since his first album Incognegro  days. So I have basically been preparing for this concert my entire life.

So if you’re like me coming to college you have no idea what a actual homecoming week is like ( I went a small arts school… we didn’t have a football team, we just had a dance for homecoming). But Temple homecoming is a huge event. It is an entire week of events, from 90’s dance parties, to a event with the cast of girl code guy code, to our homecoming pageant. The theme was Throwback Temple, so all of the events had a cool old school theme to it. This year was really special for me because not only was it my last one, but my best friend was running for homecoming queen so I got to be her campaign manager!


Look at some of our awesome events!


There was also a GIGANTIC CAKE!! It was a really good gigantic cake too! Our student center got really crowed because all of the Temple students trying to get a slice… I got two hehe.


This is my friend Lorian and her running mate for Homecoming King and Queen Isiah!

We also got to decorate the Owl Ambassador office. My favorite is Bill Cosby wearing my very own Cosby sweater

photo 3

It was honestly my favorite homecoming I was able to go to all of the events on campus. My favorite was probably a toss up between the Homecoming pagent and the Ludacris concert. Though the actual homecoming game was a rainy but that did not stop the Temple Super fans from showing up. By the way we won!! But I also got to see my best friend crowned Homecoming Queen!!


They’re cute.

But on to the main event, LUDA!!!  When I say that yelled and jumped up and down to every song. I danced to every single solitary song he played. His opening act was PARTYNEXTDOOR, who before this concert I had no idea who he was. Fun fact PARTYNEXTDOOR is not a band like I thought, it’s just one guy. I also had no idea he was signed to Drake’s label. However some of my friends are huge fans of PARTYNEXTDOOR so while they were jumping up and down  and singing his songs, I was just swaying to the beat feeling out the loop. But he’s a pretty good artist. His music is kind of a mixture of The Weeknd and Drake. So if you’re a fan of Drake and The Weeknd you might like PARTYNEXTDOOR.

I thought that going to the Jhene Aiko concert was good but this was on another level. I left the concert wishing Ludacris and I were friends (think of how much fun that would be!). Luda’s live band was great the sax player had a killer solo on “Pimpin all over the world”. By the time the concert ended I had NO voice, but thats the price I had to pay for being able to make my middle school dreams come true! He played all of the hits from his albums and some of his features as well. If your not familiar with Ludacris go on spotify and check him out!

Since I couldn’t get a good video due to all my screaming heres a picture up close and personal with Ludacris!



Bisa’s Going Out On A Tuesday?

Hey everybody!

So we are officially in the thick of the school year. Midterms and tests are coming up so everyone is in study mode. Which means more friends for me in the Tech Center! But its not all studies, there is a lot of fun stuff that you can do in the city. Yesterday (Tuesday) my friend and I went to Vitamin Waters free #Uncapped music event. I actually found out about the concert through Temple University! It was honestly the best thing I have ever done on a Tuesday. The concert happened at 2424 studios which is in Fishtown, a sub section of Philly. Fishtown is really cute, quiet and artsy area of Philly. They have a good thrift store called circle thrift which is a great place to shop. Also 2424 studios has several different art events as well as concerts.

But seriously this place is amazing here are some photos


I’m actually in the photo of the line can you find me?

Inside it was PACKED there we’re a lot of Temple students, I also saw some people from Upenn, Lasalle and Drexel as well. But one of best things was not only was the concert free but the shirts and everything else was free too! Seriously all I paid for was my bus fare.

See I told you, packed!

But the best part was the acts. Performing was Raury, Ty Dolla $ign and Jhene Aiko. Now before the concert I have never heard of Raury, and only knew about 4 songs of Ty Dolla $ign and Jhene Aiko combined. But  the concert sold me because now I’m a fan.

Raury opened the show with a drum solo, they sang some of thier own stuff and did covers of Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and a Queen mash-up. The Queen was a big surprise and the whole crowd got into it. Have you ever heard hundreds of people sing Queen really loud? If you haven’t you should find a way to make it happen, its surreal.


This is Raury, they’re a band. The guitarist said hi to me after the concert, so I feel pretty famous.


This is Ty Dolla $ign. I had no idea what he looked like before yesterday.

Ty Dolla $ign’s energy is crazy, he ran and jumped around for a good 45 min set and it was HOT in there.  He closed the show with Paranoid and Or Nah, trust if I had to choose between singing Parnoid at a party and singing it at a concert, I would choose concert every single solitary time. We just jumped around and shouted at the top of lungs trying to match his energy. It was crazy! What made it better was my friends and I found a way to squeeze ourselves really close to the front. So it felt more like a personal concert. I forgot how many people were there until I turned around to leave.


Jhene blew me away, she sounds the same live as she does on her albums and she is great to watch on stage. The crowd absolutely loved her, she even said we were her favorite crowd!. She was so great I gave up taking pictures so could just listen and dance/sway/ sing along to her music. I now have a 8 songs of hers on my iPod right now my favorites are Comfort Inn Ending, The Worst, Bed Peace and Spotless mind.

IMG_20140923_225418                           IMG_20140924_003334

She also did a cover of Tupacs Changes, which is one of my favorite rap songs and she did it justice. If you have never heard of her music its really chill and calming, very R&B. My friend calls her music “The female version of Drake, if Drake just sang”, I don’t disagree so if your into Drake I would definitely recommend checking her out if you haven’t already.Also, if you get the chance to see her live you really should take it.

One of the best things about going to a college in the city is  free stuff is always happening either on campus or in the city. I follow a group called Campus Philly and they email me  information about all the free things going on in Philadelphia. This weekend I’m going to the Opera for free through Campus Philly and I’m really excited for that!

Campus Philly will always send you cool stuff to do if your looking for plans on the weekend. Last year I went to a Mongolian Throat singing concert, which was already cool but got even better when they brought out a bass and another guy started beat boxing. If you haven’t heard of Mongolian Throat Singing, YouTube it, its worth it.

Well that’s all for today. But I come with presents, here is another picture of Jhene and video of her singing Spotless Mind. I decided to use #Uncapped video since its much better quality then mine.


Well at least it’s Tuesday

Hello again!

Happy Tuesday.  I really have a love/ hate relationship with Tuesdays. They are actually my longest day, I’m up from 8 am to about midnight. I have meetings, class, work and club meetings every Tuesday. Tonight I’m wrapping up my Tuesday in the Tech Center. As far as Tech Centers go its pretty awesome, we have a LOT of computers, macs, PCs all of that stuff is right here, the tech center is basically my home.

This is my home. I live here now. Might as well bring my mattress and fridge here.


Studying is really important, and in order to keep up with all of my classes I’m usually here organizing my notes, answering emails and reading for my other classes. Since i’m here a lot I have perfected , in my opinion, how to properly operate the tech center. The first thing is putting on Spotify, I will either be listening to either my Nashville, Stevie Wonder, The Black Keys, Ja rule/ 90’s stations. I’ll start off with Country, then go to Black keys, then Stevie Wonder and finally Ja Rule/ 90’s.  Ja Rule is at the end because that’s when you hit 1-2 am and trust me your going to need the hype sounds of 90’s music. Its also really important to stay focused and organized in your note taking and your work. Trust me I was not organized before I came to college, but classes, clubs, work and friends forces you to learn how to organize your time.

My freshman year first semester I was taking this great  international relations Gen ed ( a Gen ed is a general education class Temple students have to take, they help become well rounded individuals). Anyway the two big tests in a class are the final and the midterm. Well the day before the mid-term I was so worried about doing badly that I studied till about 5 am. When I got to my room I just fell in my bed and went to sleep, I didn’t even change I fell asleep in jeans. I woke up at 11 and my class ended at 10:50. My class was over and I had officially missed my midterm. The first thing I did was cry, hard, I basically sobbed. I met my professor begged to take the midterm over and when he said no, I called my mom convinced that I was going to fail college. I was a mess. My mom told that I may not get the best grade in the class but that is no excuse not to keep trying. I worked so hard in that class and I ended it with a B+.  I’m telling this story because I learned about organization and how to personalize my own organization techniques. Turning your grade around in a class is hard work, you have to above and beyond on every assignment, extra credit, doing whatever you can possibly do in order to keep your grade up.  I figured  out that everyone studies a different way. Personally I have to either re write or re type of my notes so I can retain the information. I also re read my notes before I go to bed and before I go to class. When I write papers I record my thoughts on a tape recorder because I think and speak faster than I can type and if I didn’t I would forget the ideas and phrasing for my papers.

I say this because it’s really important to figure out works for YOU. Just because your friends study or organize their life a certain way doesn’t mean that their way should or will work for you. Be adventurous. Try anything and everything and when you finally discover what works, do that. As weird as it may be do it, because at the end of the day its YOUR education. These classes are really what you make of them. So figure out what way you learn the best.  Its one of the best things you can do I have honestly grown from so many of the classes I have taken here because I took them seriously and allowed my self to learn the information not just parrot it.

The great work continues,





Welcome back

So I just ended with my second week of school here at Temple and I honestly like the second week way more than the first.  The first week of school everything is all new and I have to gage my professors and read the syllabi. But by the second everything is a lot smoother I have a better grasp of my schedule and things are less stressful. This semester I have my first class in the Center City campus, I thought that I would be fine because I go into Center City all the time and I have seen the campus before but of course hilarity ensued. So I get off the subway stop at Center city and began wandering around the underground hallways of the subway system. If you have never been on septa there are a lot of different exits you can take to get out of the subway and on to the street. Its basically a underground Narnia down there. Any way after aimlessly walking around for a good 5 minutes I just took the next set of stairs up and all of a sudden I was in a random part of Center City by city Hall. At this point I had about 8 minutes to get to class so naturally I just assumed I knew where I was going because Seniors don’t get lost. I just choose a direction  walked like I knew where I was going then realised I was going the wrong way. So I gave up asked someone on the street where the campus was and of course it was about a block behind me. This story gets worse when I realise there are two subway exits right by the Campus and if I just took those I would gotten to class on time.

Other then that the Center City Campus is kind of awesome, its a large building right by City Hall, and if you’re not me really easy to get to heres a picture




The view is also amazing, I have a fantastic view of city hall and I’m really excited to see what it looks like in the snow.

 Other than that not much happened this week, but I’m not going to leave  you empty handed so here is a Throwback Thursday picture of me and one of my best friends ( who was my roommate freshman year) on my second week of school my freshman year


Bye Guys!